Gorka New London’s Basque Exchange Student, Gorka Ugarteburu, will be a guest speaker at Dover Museum on Sunday, March 13 at 1:30 pm.

Gorka is 15 and living with the Todd Lehman family while attending NLHS. His home town is Lekeitio, Spain. Known as Basque Country’s most charming town, Lekeitio has a beach, a fishing harbor and nearby mountains. Both Gorka’s parents work and he has an older sister.

Having studied English in school for 8 years, Gorka also speaks Basque, Spanish and French. Basque is the native language of the area. He spent a month in Virginia last year as an exchange student. He enjoyed the visit so much he wanted to come back for a whole school year.

This Spring, Gorka will be part of the Danville-New London soccer team. It is his favorite sport. As you know this popular worldwide sport is more commonly known as football to its fans.

Please mark your calendar and plan to meet this personable fine young man. Dover Historical Society’s programs are free and refreshments are served.